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Discover the Power of PolyVision’s Visual Communication Interactive Products

The Webster™ Interactive Rear Projection (IRP) System enhances presentations and group collaboration through superior image clarity, the visual advantages of a large, non-reflective screen, and the note-capturing precision of a patented laser interface. The expansive viewing surface — ideal for large groups — accommodates simultaneous display and manipulation of multiple applications, stimulating team productivity and interactivity. With rear projection, users eliminate the challenge of dodging projection equipment and blocking audience view, and experience the freedom of unrestricted movement.

Webster IRP brings the entire digital world — including access to LANs, intranets, and the Internet — to the front of a conference room or classroom, enabling groups to tackle the same tasks individuals accomplish at desktop computers. And with teleconferencing capabilities, global collaboration is a reality without the expense of travel. A proprietary laser tracking system and innovative inkless pen electronically capture every note and drawing with optimal precision. The IRP In-Wall or Mobile Systems are affordable investments for installation in new facilities or redesigned environments.

In-wall and mobile units are available, ranging in size from 5' (1.49m) measured diagonally to 6.5' (1.95m) . For more detailed specifications,
click here to download a pdf file.

Why choose Webster IRP?
Provides superior image clarity
Combines advantages of rear projection with precision of laser tracking
Simultaneously displays multiple applications
Enhances visibility with large, non-glare screen
Accommodates needs of larger groups
Advanced laser tracking technology
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