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Discover the Power of PolyVision’s Visual Communication Interactive Products

The Webster™ Laser Tracking (LT) Series of interactive whiteboards offers the precision of laser tracking on a durable ceramicsteel surface. When connected to a PC or Macintosh®, advanced technology electronically captures everything written or drawn on the board. Meeting notes are easily printed, e-mailed, faxed, or uploaded to the Web. The innovative system utilizes inexpensive pens, specially designed for laser tracking and automatic color detection. By connecting to an LCD projector, the board functions as an interactive projection screen. This capability enhances the impact of lessons or presentations and provides real-time access to online resources and computer applications.

Webster LT whiteboards offer the durability and superior advantages of ® Surface by Alliance (a division of Polyvision). The smooth, magnetic writing surface enhances visibility, eliminates ghosting, erases easily, and provides simple removal of residue, such as crayon and tape. Ideal for high-use and high-traffic environments, the Webster LT Series is the durable solution that protects long-term equipment investments.

Models include permanent wall mounting units, mobile units, or compact boards for individual or cubicle use. Sizes range from 2' x 3' (0.647m x 0.872m) to 4' x 6' (1.191m x 1.595). All options are PC and Macintosh compatible. For more detailed specifications, click here to download a pdf file.

Why choose Webster LT?
Combines durable surface with laser tracking precision
Offers multiple functions: static, active, and interactive
Virtually indestructible surface endures and withstands abuse
Captures notes with the precision of laser technology
Utilizes inexpensive pens specially designed and encoded with color detection
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