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Discover the Power of PolyVision’s Visual Communication Interactive Products

The Webster™ Touch Sensitive (TS) Series of interactive whiteboards is simple to use, yet offers outstanding functionality as dry erase, active, or interactive whiteboards. When connected to a PC or Macintosh® computer, the proprietary, touch-sensitive screen instantly captures everything written or drawn on its surface. No special pens are necessary – the system uses standard, dry erase markers. Touching one button saves notes to a computer to easily print, e-mail, fax, or upload to the Web. Webster TS products transform classrooms and meetings into more productive environments by allowing participants to listen and collaborate, without the requirement of taking notes.

The icon strip located on the board and a four-point calibration process enable easy setup and operation. With the addition an LCD projector, the Webster TS whiteboards become interactive screens, enabling users to control a multitude of computer applications from the board. When used in conjunction with teleconferencing products, it is possible to create real-time broadcasts of whiteboard displays to remote participants. Ideal for classrooms and business education environments, Webster TS Series provides economical, interactive visual communication solutions.

A variety of models, ranging from 2' x 3' (0.622m x 0.914m) to 4' x 8'
(1.09m x 2.41m), accommodates diverse needs. All options are PC and Macintosh compatible. For more detailed specifications, click here to download a pdf file.

Full TS specs    
TS Pricing  

Why choose Webster TS?
Three-way board functionality: dry erase, active, or interactive
Easy to use
Economical, electronic whiteboard visual communication solution
Uses standard dry erase markers
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