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P3 Material  - ceramic write-on surface
 being applied to steel sheet


see P3 skins

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Custom Product P3-Mag
sold exclusively by Indoff

Indoff has developed a product to that allows you to temporarily/permanently convert your Magnetic chalkboards (caulk surface over steel) to Dry-erase Whiteboards.   We ship you cut to size porcelain over steel skins (via Truck) and also ship you a magnetic self-adhesive material that you field apply to the back of the porcelain over steel skins.   The porcelain over steel skin with the magnetic backing is then placed on your existing chalkboard and it is held on very tightly by the magnetic backing.   If another teacher prefers the caulk surface you just peel off the whole assembly and store it.    This is a two person operation for a 4' by 8' board so it is not something you would do every day but more by teacher preference.

Projection - P3 is available in a low gloss surface that is designed to Project on!!!!!
Small Sections such as 3' x 3' can also be done this way !

all prices below are per Square foot except loose trim and do not include crating, trucking , installation or tax
P3-Mag in a  4' wide by 8' long piece is approximately $279
above price is just a estimate without freight or Quantity discounts
please remember freight will be by truck and be at least $75 per order
Also remember you will need to field install the magnetic backing and this is not included in our price
custom widths and lengths add to price   -  Call for a quote
In general for all but giant orders costs will be based on Square foot price rounded up to nearest even footage
i.e. a 7' by 4' and a 8' by 4' would both be priced at 32 sq/ft.   
the basic stock sizes for pricing are 4' , 6', 8', 10', 12' 
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