Alliance Porcelain Over steel Availability as of =>

4 ft wide

this is P3



5 ft wide
not P3 but matches
P3 colors


  Color Gloss    4 feet wide 5 feet wide
        All below  Stocked-CA-PA
        P/N P/N
  White High Gloss   6100H     P3 61005H  pre-P3
  Light Grey High Gloss   6101H     P3 61015H  pre-P3
  Beige High Gloss   6102H     P3 61025H  pre-P3
  White Low Gloss-Projectable   6100L     P3 61005L  pre-P3
  Light Grey Low Gloss-Projectable   6101L     P3 61015L  pre-P3
  Beige Low Gloss-Projectable   6102L     P3 61025L  pre-P3
    Stock-CA-PA ship in 2-6 Weeks from CA or PA 
Non-stock - need very large order to create mill run.- call for lead time
No-Production - Factory not making this size-no availability date
Alliance P3 and pre-P3 Markerboard Colors the 4' and 5' in the availability columns refer to width of basic material from mill
Note - P3 is the newer and better surface than the Standard Pre-P3 which is color matched but is the only product available in 5 ft width
Other Whiteboard colors=> if you need dry-erase in a multitude of colors see both
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