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and recommendation of 
Splines for Alignment

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If you plan to mount a bunch of 1/2" Wood backed whiteboards next to each other so you have a large continuous surface we recommend getting the abutting seams splined.   We will route a grove in the two abutting sections and then supply a steel strip to fit in the grooves.  The strip will keep the face joint in much better alignment then without it.

Splines (factory grove in 2 abutting pieces plus metal insert) Retail for about $30 per 4 ft of abutting area.

The Panels themselves are glued to the existing wall with a good grade construction adhesive.   The walls need not be perfect since the panel joint is aligned by the splines to keep the surface flush. 

Panels weight approx 3 lbs per sq ft so a 4' x 8' backed panel is 96 lbs.
thickness if shin plus wood is approx 17/32"  

Trim painted to match P3 panels

used to fill in near walls

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