Magnetic Tape Rolls

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Magnetize It!
The magnetic tape roll includes an adhesive backing for attachment to whatever you wish to be magnetic. Simply cut the 100 tape roll with scissors or a paper cutter to your desired lengths. The magnet is a strong 60 mit thickness (1/16) to support many items. The plain backed style is ideal for mounting labels with extra magnetic strength.

Note:    This dark colored magnet does NOT have a surface on which to write
see Shelf Magnets on for write-on surfaces.

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Magnetic Tape

Magnetic tape is a flexible magnetic strip, .060" thick, supplied with an adhesive backing on one side for attachment to items that you wish to be magnetic. You can easily magnetize job ticket holders, shelf labels and signs, posters, computer labels, etc.

Simply cut the magnet to length with scissors or a paper cutter. the magnet is 1/16" thick, twice the thickness of our regular Shelf Tag Magnets, for extra holding power. Rolls are 100' long.

Magnetic tape Surface is dark brown in color
and is not a write-on surface, has
full adhesive backing and liner

Sample of Magnetic Tape applications

   Bar coding warehouse racks - see picture at top right
       Displaying price channels
       Marking doors & frames
       Identifying bookcases, cabinets & drawers
, mail slots, small bins


Width Length Part Number Price
.060 1" 100' roll TP1X100A $74.00
.060 2" 100' roll TP2X100A $148.00
.060 3" 100' roll TP3X100 $211.00